Market Indicators

Index Price Change %
JSE All-Share 58103.75 -502.22 -0.86%
JSE Top 40 51615.22 180.38 0.35%
Dow Jones Ind 24731.17 120.26 0.49%
NASDAQ 7344.24 -137.75 -1.88%
S&P 500 2713.82 0.9 0.03%
FTSE 100 7061.27 18.34 0.26%
DAX 12307.33 90.31 0.73%
CAC 40 5252.43 29.59 0.56%
GBP/USD 1.4008 -0.0015 -0.11%
EUR/USD 1.2260 -0.0074 -0.6%
USD/ZAR 11.9694 -0.0534 -0.45%
GBP/ZAR 16.7670 -0.063 -0.38%
EUR/ZAR 15.1999 0.1226 0.81%
Gold 1311.81 -4.86 -0.37%
Brent Crude Oil 67.32 1.29 1.92%
Silver 16.19 -0.1 -0.62%
Please Note: Prices are delayed by as much as 30 minutes and may not be indicative of the current market.


Anglorand Management Company growth fund was launched in 1984 with the focus on growth and not income. The investment manager of the fund is Francesco Sturino who is a Chartered financial analyst and chartered accountant. The board members have extensive experience in executive roles as administrators and executive rolls in the global financial service industry..

A list of directors are available for inspection at our offices.

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