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Anglorand Growth Fund

Terms & Conditions

The Role of the Manager

The Manager manages the Anglorand Growth Fund Unit Trust Fund. The Manager does not give financial advice and therefore cannot give any recommendation, guidance or proposal regarding any of the Anglorand Management Company Ltd Namibian Unit Trust funds. The Manager will only act on your specific written investment instructions subject to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

The Manager details are:
          Anglorand Management Company Ltd
          29 Feld Street

The Role of the Trustee/Custodian

The Trustee/Custodian is an independent party, appointed to make sure that the assets of your unit trust fund are safeguarded against fraud and mismanagement, and that it is managed according to the fund’s supplemental trust deed. The Main trust deed and supplemental trust deed is a contract between the Trustee and the Manager and sets out the relationship between the fund, the Manager, the Trustee and the investors. It falls under the authority of the Registrar of NAMFISA. The supplemental trust deed sets out, among other things, the investment objectives and mandate to be followed by the Manager.

The Trustee’s/Custodian details are:

          RMB Corporate Custody and Trustee Services
          130 Independence Avenue


1% Asset Management Fee

Reporting and Pricing

Traded at NAV


All payments will be transferred electronically into your bank account only. Please note that in the case of redemptions, settlement may take up to 3-5 working days. Investors wishing to redeem units of the relevant unit trust fund must provide The Manager with at least 7 business day written notice of such redemptions.

Instructions & Applications

The Manager will only act on signed instructions. It will only proceed with a transaction if there is no doubt as to the validity of any signatures or information, and when the instruction is complete. The Manager cannot be held liable for any losses resulting from the above requirements. The Manager has full discretion to accept or reject an application.

Protecting your information

By law, the Manager has to request and keep investor and investor representative information to perform its obligations lawfully, fairly and competently. The Manager is committed to protecting investor information and undertakes to use it only for the purposes for which it was requested and never deliberately share the information with anyone outside of the Anglorand Management Ltd group, which has controls and information technology security in place to protect personal information from unauthorised use.

Conflict of interest disclosure

The Manco does not engage in any proprietary trading of the Fund’s Units. The Manco will seed unit trust funds where the law requires it. All service providers, such as stock brokers, are selected based in the investors’ best interests and commercial terms. The Manco manages and monitors the risk of personal and business conflicts of interest. Controls include awareness, disclosures, approval processes and enforcement. Manco Directors or employees (if any) will not be part of any activity prohibited by the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.


Anglorand Management Company Ltd invites any investor who is dissatisfied with the services provided to address their concerns directly with the Manager:


              29 Feld Street

              P.O. Box 97401

              Telephone 061 251 152 (Namibia)               Telephone 021 975 4791 (South Africa)
              Facsimile: +27 21 9768621
              Email: admin@anglorand.org
              Company Registration Number: 95/389
              (Registered Unit Trust Management Company under Financial Services Act 1981 Namibia)

We take your concerns and queries very seriously and undertake to engage directly, promptly and meaningfully with you. The Manager will acknowledge your complaint in writing and will provide you with the contact details of the persons involved in the resolution of your complaint.

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